About ME

Science, technology, and the Internet are the ones that will bind all of humanity together!

Hey everyone! 

My name is Ilan Laloum, and I am an accredited full-stack Software Engineer who happens to know a thing or two about designing successful strategic software projects that streamline operational processes and influence new levels of high-performing security. 

As one of the last remaining extinct species of Gen-X Software Engineers, I have an extensive background and passion for this field and demonstrate that by delivering user-friendly, innovative software developments that result in secured integrations and positive experiences every time. 

A little bit about myself, 

I have always been a huge tech kid, avidly reading and studying the intricacies of science and technology ever since I can remember. Not to toot my own horn, but by the time I turned eight years old, I wrote the first computer program of 1983.

From then to now, I have only gotten sharper and more proactive in the field, leading to my rooted expertise in every aspect of the software project lifecycle to ensure its success. 

To date, I have been a respected freelancer who has pioneered numerous strategic software projects for government organizations, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and much more.