About ME

Ilan Laloum

My name is Ilan Laloum. 

I am a technology-driven, robust, and solution-oriented Guru of Full Stack Software Development. With a solid background in R&D Team Leadership and SaaS Architecture, I am highly project-focused, self-driven, and enthusiastic about delivering exceptional results. I have extensive Firsthand experience in software development, along with a comprehensive understanding of software project lifecycles in both national and international contexts.

My skill set includes ability in back-end, Front-End, Full-Stack, and System Administration. I have a deep understanding of software project lifecycles and strong critical thinking skills across a wide range of technologies.

Furthermore, I have shown a profound understanding of hybrid deployment and modern security regulations. I prioritize meticulous design, development, and maintenance of secure Dynamics 365 solutions to safeguard sensitive information and uphold the highest standards of data privacy and compliance.

As a "roll-up-your-sleeves" individual, I am constantly striving to improve business processes and elevate overall performance. I am dedicated to ensuring the company meets its corporate goals and achieving excellence in all areas.

Science, technology, and the Internet are the ones that will bind all of humanity together!